• Bio

  • Tristan Pretty

    I'm a very out going fellow. Known for my height, presence and sense of humour. My experience to date includes stage, TV and film. I've managed to branch out across multiple genres and always looking for the next challenge to stretch myself and really enhance a project. I believe in the team of the community and want to help myself and others survive, thrive and grow to our full potentials. I play 'angry' and 'passionate' quite well, and in my 40 years, I've been blessed with a wealth of personal experiences, both wonderful and tragic to draw on for inspiration.


    Going forward 2019 already has comedy, horror and a drama projects booked up and prepping to film. More auditions are in the pipe line and I'm in no hurry to slow down! I'm topping up all my projects with as many classes as I can fit it, the learning should never end!